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Accelerate Your Career

International education is an important investment in the career development process. At ECSA Global, we provide ambitious individuals with study abroad opportunities putting particular focus on professional growth. Our Business in China Summer Programme is a one-of-a-kind opportunity providing internship engagements exclusively with Fortune 1000, Fortune Global 500, and Financial Times Europe 500 companies.

ECSA Global provides quality international education with a strong emphasis on professional growth and career development. We have experience in working with academic institutions and businesses globally. Our unique Business in China Summer Programme, combining business courses at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and an internship experience only with top companies, has proven to have deep professional impact. Our semester Corporate Immersion Business Chinese programme allows to learn Mandarin Chinese in the business context of Shanghai.

In the 21st century, the focus of global business has shifted to emerging markets. China, the largest developing economy for the last 30 years, is the nexus of global commerce. Business leaders understand the value of a strong relationship with China.

China is the future of business. ECSA Global programmes provide a unique opportunity to understand business in China, learn business Chinese, and build a strong international network, through an excellent academic environment, a meaningful internship engagement, and many cultural and business events. Learn more about engaging with ECSA Global as an investment in your career.

  • Pudong is the financial district of Shanghai, getting an opportunity to work there makes this experience priceless. The first hand experience in the corporate world is completely an eye opener and gives yourself a chance to meet new people from across the globe. Truly worth the experience.

    - Anup Kathare University of Lincoln

  • The business courses in "Marketing" and "Chinese Economic Policies" at the SUFE made me deepen my understanding of the Chinese market, and made me aware that China is a choice that has to be taken at 360-degrees - you can only be successful if you forget what you thought you knew about the country and invest all your time and passion in really understanding the local people, culture and habits.

    - Mauro Ferrieri Polytechnic of Turin

  • An excellent foundation to build a successful career in China. The friends I made are ones I plan to keep for a lifetime; diverse, incredible people.

    - Francesca Gadd Borunemouth University

  • I am very happy that I have joined the programme as it made me learn a lot more than standard classroom knowledge. Besides, it is a very good opportunity to understand China and Shanghai. Lovely experience!

    - Vincent Chan Newcastle University

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